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R&D Center


National Food Processing Equipment & Engineering Technology Research Center

The National Food Processing Equipment & Engineering Technology Research Center was established in 2009 under the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, based on Kaifeng Maosheng Machinery Co., Ltd. It is one of the first national level engineering R&D centers in enterprises approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The research direction is focused on large-scale, intensive, technological integration and engineering based food processing equipment. The Center is dedicated to the promotion and application of the technological integration and engineering of new technologies and new equipment, thus to address the technology and equipment issues that constraint the development of China's food processing industry, and promote the level of industrial equipment and technological progress of the country's food processing industry, and provide technical support for the technology upgrades of the food processing industry.


The Center consists of eight sectors: the office, the research and development department, the engineering department, the information and training department, the intellectual property department, the finance department, the laboratory center and pilot plants; it has 3400㎡ of pilot workshops and an R & D building of 3600㎡. The center now has a total staff of 100 people, of whom 32 hold senior professional titles and 22 hold master's degree or above.


Since its inception, the center has developed and participated in the formulation of 12 national standards, of which 8 has been promulgated; they have applied for 79 national patents, including 12 invention patents; 63 obtained the national patents, including 4 invention patents; the center has undertaken 14 research projects including 4 national research projects; 16 of the scientific and technological achievements have been verified. The overall technology of the results is of domestic leading level; some have reached the international advanced level. The company has won more than 20 science and technology awards.

  Province postdoctoral research base

The post-doctoral research and development base in Henan was established in 2012. In response to the status quo of the domestic food processing equipment industry featuring small scales, scattered and messy distribution, high energy consumption and poor environment-friendly performance and the food safety requirements, the research and development base is targeted at wheat, rice and corn crops. Centered on the requirements of large scale and modernization of the food processing industry, the center is targeted to realize energy-efficient, clean and safe production of food processing, research and integrate new technologies, develop large-scale new equipment, realize industrialization, and conduct demonstrations and promotions.

Over the past two years since its inception, the base has been centered on the large-scale food processing equipment technology, products meeting the food safety requirements, energy saving performance of large full-set food processing equipment, combined food processing equipment, automation technologies and equipment of complete food processing equipment and other directions. In the two years, the base developed 4 national standards, obtained 25 utility model patents, 1 invention patent, and 13 verified scientific and technological achievements. The research achievement transformation of the R & D base have produced good economic and social benefits and made positive contributions for the development of the food machinery industry.

In the future, we will focus on strengthening planning and management from the following aspects: 1. Continue to improve the engineering and technology research and the development conditions of the base; 2. Strengthen the construction of talent force, train talents through multiple channels, and foster leaders of research and development; 3. Vigorously carry out researches on common and key engineering technologies in the industry, and focus on promoting the research and development of engineering technologies; 4. Increase efforts to promote scientific and technological achievements.