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Corporate Culture

About us

Corporate Culture

Our highest goal: to revitalize the national food machine industry, and serve society.

Product objective: to build a world-class well-known brand

Development objective: to build an international, diversified, world-renowned company.

Development strategy: based in Henan Province, radiating across the country, and access the world; based on China's national conditions, track the international advanced technologies and strive for the international first-class position.

Corporate spirit: innovation, pragmatism, unity, hard work and dedication

Innovation: technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation, service innovation

Pragmatism: academic results or seniority is secondary to actual performances; progress step by step, and do not reach beyond our grasp, do not be greedy for large scale or superficiality, seek truth from facts, and do everything based on reality.

Unity: unity is strength, and only by joining efforts can we become a leader the market.

Hard work: opportunity is equal to everyone; a fighting spirit is vital to winning victories; without constantly fighting and forging ahead, we cannot sand in the forefront of the tide.

Dedication: assume the responsibility of revitalizing the national food machine industry, make contributions to society and our nation.

Corporate values:

Quality: quality is of utmost importance; quality is the life of enterprise; good better best, never let it rest; adhere to zero defect production, dedicate high-quality products for users Business

concept: market-oriented, everything is centered on the market, service the market, develop the market, and influence the market with standards.

Service concept: the user is always God; customer satisfaction is the highest goal; contribute love and dedication to users.

Talent: find talents, train talents, assign them important tasks, gather talents, and appoint the right talent to the right position.

Management concept: people-oriented, implement modern management, establish an incentives system, stimulate employees’ creativity and innovation to achieve maximum efficiency.