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Leader’s Speech

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Leader’s Speech


After going through four decades of rains and wind, Henan Maosheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has composed one after another brilliant chapters, growing from the original small factory with merely dozens of people into a large enterprise of thousands of employees, from the single production of double nest plansifters to the production of 10-1000T / D complete food processing equipment, from specialized food production machinery to the diversified seed production machinery, agricultural machinery and mining machinery, and from a small factory to a well-known enterprise in China …… Maosheng’s success derives from the support and love of leaders from all levels and friends from all walks of life, to whom we are deeply grateful.

Mashing has excellent staff and a capable management team, a strong technical force and the most advanced processing equipment, and first-class products and a sound service system. More importantly, we have a wide range of customer groups and strategic partners, which is the source of our success and something that we are proud of. We are always dedicated to acting the glory of Maosheng based on excellent products, high-quality services and a good market reputation, and with passion and wisdom. In the current era of economic globalization, in which the economic situation and the competitive environment are in constant change, we are clearly aware of it that the market is the direction of the enterprise, and quality is the life. We deeply understand that it is not easy to win a customer but it is very easy to lose one. “Good better best, never let it rest” is our philosophy.

We hope that you will feel the warmth and enthusiasm that Maosheng Machinery conveys to you. Choose Maosheng Machinery, and choose the sincerity that we dedicate to you; trust Maosheng Machinery, and have faith in us that we can bring you surprises...

We look forward to your attention, and sincerely hope to cooperate with you. To achieve common development with you is our greatest desire. Let us work together to create greater glories.