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Complete flour processing equipment and engineering


Complete flour processing equipment and engineering

Complete sets of flour processing equipment and engineering

Project Overview

Through the development of several decades of flour machining industry, China's level of flour processing and food machine equipment production has been greatly improved, has reached or some reached the international advanced level, the company based on flour and flour industry, consumer flour quality and diverse needs, the company developed several sets of programs and flour milling technology processing plant construction program, fully meet the different needs of users in different process scheme, the host device has intelligent electronic control Frequency Mill , pneumatic servo feed mill, rolling mill and other mechanical clutch for a variety of models to choose from, while widely used plansifter, clear powder machine, high vibration sieve, new friction granary machine, biaxial machine with water rubber spring support type destoner other new products, so that the flour quality has been a reliable guarantee, the company sets engineering design, advanced milling technology, equipment perfect combination of reasonable, low ash content of flour, flour rate, low power consumption fully meet the needs of users.

First, the building structure sets Milling Project

Daily processing 400 tons of wheat, building structure complete production lines.

Project Description

Milling engineering building construction sets usually have four, five, six in three ways, according to the specific requirements of the user to determine, its main features:

· Large, mainstream type of medium-sized sets of projects Vibration, low noise, overall more structured

· Investment is large, a longer construction period

· Improve the process design, sophisticated equipment, to meet the higher requirements of users

· Higher grades, the operation more convenient, longer life

Technical Parameters:


Power equipment(kw)

Yield(Tons of wheat / 24 hours) plant size(L×W×H  mm)
140t 560 140 41×7.5×19
160t 650 160 47×7.5×19
200t 740 200 49×7.5×19
220t 850 220 49×7.5×19
250t 960 250 51.5×12×23.5
300t 1170 300 61.5×12×27.5
350t 1210 350 61.5×12×27.5
400t 1675 400 72×12×29
500t 1950 500 87×12×30

 Six-storey building process diagram:

Second, all steel building style whole milling project

Project Overview

This project can be realized in all the main workshop steel milling way, usually four, five, six three kinds, can be installed a variety of milling machines, high-side screen, clear powder, pulse flour, etc. equipment, building steel structure design, process design and building the same structure, can produce different grades of wheat flour, the main features are:

• construction speed, while the overall relocation, the use of high value

• Since the plant light weight, can reduce the cost of foundation treatment

• Steel plant is lower than the overall cost structure of the building

• plant construction and equipment installation can be carried out simultaneously

• Compact design, equipment layout reasonable, effective use of space, saving investment

• Gross and net barn barn full steel structure may also be employed, I still recommend by way of brick structure

Third, the steel structure complete sets of milling project

Daily processing of wheat 150 tons of steel frame structure complete production lines. 

Project Overview

This project is a way milling equipment installed within the steel structure of the plant, there are usually two, three steel-framed structure, is our technical personnel in accordance with the development of today's milling technology, well-developed, may also be used various mill, Plansifter other advanced equipment. Its main features are:

• plant construction costs low, less investment

• Small footprint, short construction period

• Use grinding bore mention material way, the relative power consumption is higher, but can also be implemented to mention gravity feed mode

• Process powder path length can also reach the level of medium-sized mills

• extensive use of light rolls, but also produce high-quality flour

• produce different grades of wheat flour, is the first choice for small and medium mills

Technical Parameters:

Specifications Model Technical parameters        LF-10 LF-20 LF-30 LF-40 LF-50 LF-60 LF-80 LF-100 LF-120 LF-140 LF-160
Yield(t/d) 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 140 160
Host room size
Length × width × height(m)
14×7.5×6 16×7.5×6.5 18×7.5×7 22×7.5×7 24×7.5×7 30×8×12 33×8×12 33×10×12 36×10×12 36×10×12 39×10×12
Total motor power(kw) 56 86 94 131 144 223 327 340 455 514 568