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Company Profile

Henan Maosheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., formerly known as Kaifeng No.2 Food Machinery Factory, was founded in 1976. After forty years of development and growth, the company has become a well-known grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprise in China with import and export rights. In 2002, the company passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, and established the National Grain Processing Equipment & Engineering Technology Research Center, the National Agricultural Product Processing Technology and Equipment R&D Sub-center and the provincial post-doctoral research base and other research and development platforms.

The company has total assets of over 400 million yuan, and possesses three production plant areas, with a total area of 900 mu, and nearly 3,000 employees. It is now capable of producing more than 300 specifications of grain and oil processing machinery divided into 60 series (including wheat processing, corn processing, sesame cleaning, garlic processing, wine and grain grinding, etc.), and undertaking 10 ~ 1000 tons/day full-set food processing equipment and 5~12 t/h full-set seed processing equipment turnkey projects. The products are sold in more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States. The leading products MS electric, gas control milling machine series, and the novel FSFG plansifter series have been named national key new products, high-tech products in Henan Province, and Henan famous brand-name products. The “Maosheng” brand was named the National well-known milling machine brand, and “Maosheng” trademark was named as Henan well-known trademark.

The company’s processing equipment level ranks first in the industry. It has invested heavily in introducing large and medium-sized imported CNC laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, CNC machining centers, multiple CNC lathes, CNC boring machines, electrostatic spraying production lines and other advanced processing equipment, to ensure the most stable and reliable product quality.

In recent years, the company has developed and involved in the development of 12 national standards, of which 8 have been promulgated; the company has applied for 79 national patents, including 12 invention patents; 63 obtained the national patents, including 4 invention patents; the company has undertaken more than 40 different research projects, including 8 national projects, 38 verified scientific and technological achievements; the overall technology of the results is of domestic leading level; some have reached the international advanced level. The company has won more than 50 science and technology awards, leading the development of the industry, and having created huge economic and social benefits.

The company has won multiple titles such as Technological Cooperation Development Demonstration Enterprise granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, All-round Quality Management Standard Compliance Enterprise granted by the Ministry of Agriculture , High-tech Enterprise in Henan, High-growth Enterprise in Henan, Key Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise in Henan, Outstanding Private Enterprise in Henan, Outstanding Innovation Enterprise in Henan, AAA Quality Credit Enterprise in Henan, Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise in Henan, Advanced Collective Wining the Labor Day Medal in Henan. State leaders Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun, and Li Keqiang have respectively inspected the company and spoke highly of it.

The company's products have been applied in Hebei Wudeli Group, Henan Tianguan Group, Tianjin Lijin Grain and Oil Co., Ltd., Tongxu Yudong Flour Industry Co., Ltd, Heze Tianbang Flour Industry Co., Ltd, Henan White Elephant Group, Yihai Jiali Group, COFCO Limited, Henan Nanjie Village (Group) Co., Ltd., Sichuan Mianyang Fenggu Wine Co., Ltd., Luoyang Dukang Holdings Ltd. and other large enterprises and have been highly recognized by users.

With our leading-edge technologies, advanced processing equipment and our corporate spirit of "innovation, pragmatism, unity, hard work and dedication", our company has the strength to meet the challenges from all aspects. We have the confidence to build “Maosheng” into a world-renowned brand, provide quality services for the grain and oil processing industry, and achieve a win-win situation between the company and customers.

General manager of the company Zhao Zhiyong, on behalf of all the staff, would like to pay our sincere tribute to new and old customers at home and abroad for their concern and support throughout the development of the company and warmly welcome you to visit the company for guidance.